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Xian Lim: Welcome to my World

Xian Lim talks about his inspirations, his passions and shows us exactly how he moves millions

What a difference a few years makes. In 2009, the name Xian Lim was virtually unknown to the Filipino public. Then his big breaks came—nearly consecutive starring roles in TV shows like Katorse, My Binondo Girl (with Philippines’ sweetheart Kim Chiu), and My Cactus Heart (with Maja Salvador) in 2010 and 2011 – and he suddenly exploded into the national consciousness, cementing his leading-man status in the industry. These days, big-name brands are beating down his door and he has a legion of vocal fans who will likely follow him to the ends of the earth. What is it about Xian Lim that inspires such adulation and devotion in everyone from his loving fans to the stalwarts of the entertainment industry?
His Own Inspirations
Xian was fortunate to grow up surrounded by good role models. He credits his parents with inspiring him to become the person he is, independent and introspective. He has said that if he hadn’t pursued acting, he would have liked to study psychology because he enjoys listening to people and trying to guess what they’re thinking. But when asked about his role model in the arts, he didn’t name any big time Hollywood directors. Instead, his artistic inspiration came from a source closer to home.
“Christopher de Leon,” Xian answers immediately. “I love the way he made his films, na nakakaiyak, intense, very intense.” This intensity is what struck him and stayed with him, pushing him to find work that inspires him to deliver the same fervor and passion.
Xian is also well aware of the role he plays in the lives of his fans, who look up to him as a person worth emulating. “Kids have role models,” Xian says. “They have their favorite actor, and if they see their favorite actor doing something, siyempre they are inspired. Gugustuhin nila that someday they will achieve something like that.”
He takes his role model status seriously because he knows how people see personalities—as idols. If you look to the trends in style and language, even in attitude, you see people mimicking their favorite star. “It affects you,” he says. “You have people looking up to you, you have your supporters looking at mga naachieve mo. It encourages me. It makes me aim high and work hard. I want them to have something to look up to.”
The Virtual World
Twitter and YouTube are big favorites of Xian, with their ability to entertain, inspire, and allow one person to reach millions. As part of the new generation who has taken these tools to a whole new level, Xian is excited about what they can do. And he admires those who have touched so many people just by posting a YouTube video.

“I’m a huge YouTube fan,” Xian laughs. “Finofollow ko yung mga YouTube sensations sa States, minsan tini-Tweet ko sila. Palagi ko vini-view yung mga channels nila. Maraming marami sila, si JR Aquino, Kina Grannis.”
“Hindi na katulad ng dati,” Xian says excitedly. “Ngayon exposed ka sa buong mundo. You can reach out to so many people! You have such a wide audience online; it’s all over the world. And it’s easy to start, just get an account and you can do so much. A simple video can inspire so many.”
Nuffnang Ads
He even confesses to posting YouTube videos himself. “I just posted a Call Me Maybe video,” Xian says, laughing. The fun trend continues to be a huge hit among the online community. “Nakakatuwa na someone can just post on YouTube and become famous. We have the freedom to express, and we’re lucky. It’s a privilege to have that.”
Xian also expresses his thoughts on Twitter. “Nag-uupdate ako palagi sa Twitter. I do my best to reply to my fans. And I do it myself, totoo ako sa Twitter,” he says. “That’s why I love my phone, and I love Globe! Wherever I am and whenever I feel like it, I can tweet, listen to music, and watch YouTube online. Perfect.”
But, with the good effects of the online community there is also an ugly side. Recently, popular personalities have taken online criticism too much to heart, some even going into a mild depression over website comments. But, Xian’s attitude towards the so-called “haters” out there is more carefree. “You can’t please everyone,” Xian says lightly. “For me, hindi ako naapektuhan, binabasa ko lang siya. Some people really get affected, but it’s unrealistic to think you can make everyone like you. Sometimes you just have to ignore your critics and follow what’s in your heart.”
One thing that entertainers, old and new, can admire and imitate is Xian’s relaxed attitude. They say you need a tough skin to survive the entertainment industry, but, like Xian, maybe you need to just let things go. Xian proves he’s got what it takes to handle himself. New actors should take note and follow his lead.
Leading the Pack
As an avid basketball player, Xian knows the value of ignoring the hecklers in the crowd and just focusing on the game. He has to be in the zone, just playing the game on his own terms.

“Hindi ko naiisip na leader ako,” Xian says. “I don’t dictate to others. I’m just doing my thing. As long as I’m myself, I’m happy. I don’t let people tell me what to do. I have my own thing going, my own personality.”
Unconsciously, Xian manages to inspire his fans and the people he works with by the simple act of being himself. He leads the crowd and is the idol of so many because he isn’t afraid to march to the beat of his own drum.
People always look for strong character in their leading men, and he fits the part perfectly. Xian chooses to live his life on his own terms, caring about his fans but not revolving his decisions around pleasing the crowd. He doesn’t wait for people to dictate his moves, instead he makes his own way—and we are inspired to watch him and do the same.
“You know how painters and other artists, may sarili silang mundo?” Xian says. “It’s not being selfish, but it’s like you’re in your own zone. If I don’t like it I’m not going to do it, that kind of thing. I’m in my own zone.”
He continues to set the example that thousands of fans follow, to do his own thing and be his own man. He inspires people by living the life he wants to live and being successful at it!

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