Friday, November 23, 2012

For Jennylyn Mercado, triathlon not just fitness craze

Many movie and television stars, musicians and politicians, among others, do it in their spare time. Jennylyn Mercado makes time for it.

She has hosting jobs, studio work and location shoots for drama series and yet still gets to train twice a week — four when preparing for competition, which is much more than the training regimen of most working-class recreational athletes and weekend warriors.

She is also a 25-year-old mother of one, which makes time management even tougher, but she still does roadwork besides spending time in the gym and indoor pool.

Jennylyn’s dedication to training actually helps her to not only lower her finishing times, but also to boost her stamina, which is good for long hours of work. And while other training regimens cause celebrities’ bodies to bulk up, Jennylyn’s triathlon training has helped her stay slim and beautiful.

With training and the proper gear, Jennylyn has completed duathlons and triathlons with decent results.

Training regularly helps, but training with the right gear helps a lot more, and Jennylyn has found great support from TYR high performance triathlon and swimming apparel.

She understands the importance of proper gear engineered for performance, and TYR delivers for the celebrity athlete just as it delivers for world-class athletes including four-time Olympic gold medalist Matt Grevers, four-time Ironman World Champion Chrissie Wellingto­­­n and Ironman world record holder Craig Alexander.

Wellington uses TYR’s Carbon Collection for her triathlon races. The collection utilizes peak-performance technology consisting of textile that optimizes the function of the athlete’s body, impacting body temperature, breathing, heart rate and reducing lactic acid concentrations.

Matt won his recent Olympic Gold medal sporting TYR’s Tracer High Performance Swim Line. The Tracer High Performance Swim Collection is equipped with industry-exclusive muscle mapping that’s woven in with a five-piece pattern and finished with high bonded seams, ultimately reducing drag.

“There are many athletes and celebrity athletes right now, but Jennylyn is one of the most dedicated,” said Rod Claudio, president of Sports Resources, Inc., the Philippine distributor of TYR. “We are glad to have her as one of the local ambassadors of TYR.”

Brooks running shoes has also made Jennylyn its newest ambassador, and the multi-talented host-actress-athlete is pleased that sports companies appreciate and believe in her as sportswoman and endorser.

“With Tyr and Brooks, I have the confidence in my equipment for competitions, and for practice I know that I’ll be injury free” she said.

Rod Claudio, Sports Resources, Inc. president, is pleased to again help athletes bring their game to a different level through world-class gear.

“We are glad to bring to the Philippines one of the most trusted brands in swimming and triathlon,” said Rod. “With the arrival of TYR, Filipino athletes can enjoy the same quality available to Olympic gold medalists and Ironman World Champions.”

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