Thursday, November 15, 2012

Real Xian Lim

Standing at six feet tall, complete with irresistibly masculine confidence and charming looks, 23-year-old Xian Lim has now grown into a much-desired matinee idol with a number of well-loved movies and TV shows to his name.

The dashing dude of ''My Binondo Girl'' and the lovable Joax of the wacky barkada from ''The Reunion'' now plays Liam, the love interest of Kim Chiu's character in the ABS-CBN family drama series ''Ina, Kapatid, Anak.''

Playing rich kid Liam is not difficult for the hunk actor as he shares a lot of common traits with his TV alter ego. ''The similarities would be we're both responsible guys. He cares a lot about his friends, and matulungin siyang tao. He's always there for people. The only difference is that Liam has siblings while I'm an only child,'' he says.


Xian relates that if he would be a big brother to a younger sister, he would be an overprotective kuya. But so far he enjoys the life of being the only son.

''You're just by yourself. You get to spend a lot of time with your parents and hindi hati ang atensyon. Madamot kasi ako sa atensyon. Well, not most of the time. Katulad sa mom ko, gusto ko 'yung atensyon niya sa akin lang. Seloso kasi akong tao,'' Xian admits, short of describing himself as a mama's boy.

Xian recalls that his fondest memories of his family were spent in the US where they lived for a few years. ''We would always go out on Sundays. I also enjoyed those long, cozy one-day drives to Las Vegas,'' he shares.

Although enjoying showbiz life, Xian says nothing really changed with his family or how they treat him as a son. ''The way they treat me, it's still the same. I still do 'yung way namin sa States, I would clean as I go. Growing up, never naman akong umasa sa mga maids. My mom raised me without them, even now that we're here in the Philippines,'' he says.

Yet his busy schedule did lessen the bonding time he has with his parents so he makes sure to spend every free time he gets with them. ''Pag nakauwi na, sometimes we'll have lunch or dinner or do mga simple things that count,'' says Xian, who despite the fame has remained humble.

His mom would also constantly remind him of the value of humility. ''I think the best advice I got since I started working in showbiz was the one I got from my mom. She reminded me to always keep my feet on the ground,'' Xian shares.


Working for the colorful world of showbiz and hounded by countless fans everywhere, Xian claims he never felt the pressure of having to be a role model to the youth.

''Wala namang pressure. I'm just myself. I'm not trying to be someone else, or to become somebody I'm not. What they see is me. Hindi naman ako nag-eeffort na maging mabait. So kung sino man 'yung nakikita nilang Xian na sinusuportahan nila, that's the real Xian.''

To break away from his hectic life in the spotlight, Xian makes it a habit to play basketball, his favorite sport, at least twice a week. During his college years, Xian played for the varsity basketball team of the University of the East, the UE Red Warriors.

And even with his busy schedule, Xian always makes it a point to cherish and enjoy each day as much as he can. ''Live each day like there's no tomorrow. No regrets,'' he ends.

Enchong Dee Stands Out

By CAMILLE SY, contributor

Even though exhaustion was apparent on his face, Enchong Dee was still all smiles during the photo shoot and interview for this Students and Campuses Bulletin feature, and gamely answered all our questions.

From a struggling matinee idol to becoming one of the famous young actors in show business today, 24-year-old Enchong says that he has learned a lot from the industry he now loves. In fact, he reveals that the experiences he has had for the past six years have made him a better man.

''Sabi nga ng parents ko, kahit anong mangyari huwag daw ako magiging mayabang because people will laugh at you kapag pababa ka pero kapag unti-unti kang bumababa at alam ng mga tao na naging mabuti kang tao, sila 'yung tutulong sa'yo na umakyat ulit,'' he shares.

Enchong learned that success in show business is not all about talent but in having the right attitude. ''Admiration and respect are earned. It is not just given to you because you're talented, but also because you treat the people around you well,'' he adds.


Enchong may have been enjoying life in the spotlight but he still considers family as the most important aspect in his life.

This heartthrob treasures every moment spent with them, especially now that working on his new ABS-CBN teleserye, ''Ina, Kapatid, Anak'', is taking some of his precious time away from his family.

''Hindi na ganun kadalas as before, that is why when we get the chance, especially on Sundays, we go out, we eat. We make sure na sama-sama kami, and treasure every moment of it,'' he relates.

Unlike some people, Enchong is the type who keeps his problems to himself. He doesn't want his family to worry about him so much, so he makes sure he has solved the problem already before his family learns about it. But when it comes to his career, Enchong says his family's opinion still matters greatly and he often consults them about it.

''For example, if my family doesn't want me to get into showbiz, I will follow them. Kasi when I started hindi pa rin naman ako decided kung gusto ko na talaga ang trabaho ko sa showbiz. But one day, it just hit me. Nasabi ko na sa kanila na ito na 'yung gagawin kong trabaho, na aayusin ko na ito. So siguro kung hindi sila supportive, I would have been doing something else,'' says Enchong, who considers John Lloyd Cruz as his favorite actor.


It was a good thing that Enchong's family never objected the career he had chosen. But they had one condition and that was for him to finish his studies first, which he did with flying colors. The exemplary student graduated with a degree in BS Political Science, major in Developmental Studies at the De La Salle University.

Also a bemedaled swimmer, Enchong broke the University Athletic Association of the Philippines' (UAAP) records in swimming and was a member of the Philippine team.

''My mom is my biggest fan. Si mama rin 'yung parang super affected sa mga trabaho ko. Kunwari nanonood ng movie, tatawa siya tapos maya-maya umiiyak na siya kasi sobrang affected siya sa mga ginagawa kong role,'' reveals Enchong.

As for his older brother, model/actor AJ Dee, Enchong says he has never had any serious misunderstandings with him. His brother is a constant figure in his life.

''My brother has been a big influence in my life. I got into swimming because of him. Siya muna 'yung unang naging swimmer before me. He knows kapag may problema ako. He will text me, tatanungin niya kung may gusto raw ba akong pag-usapan. Kuya is very supportive. I'm very lucky to have him as my brother,'' he ends.

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